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Magic, ma'jik, n. The art of producing effects by superhuman means; sorcery; enchantment; power similar to that of enchantment.

To those of you who do not cook, the preparation of food might considered magic. You might relate superhuman powers to to those who can preform such masterful works in the kitchen. Much like magicians or sorcerers creating mystical potency, the cooks blend ingredients and create their own magical dishes.

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Our Book:
Contained in this book is a selection of recipes from our TV segment years. Most are quick and easy, a few take a little longer, but the results are well worth it. We hope this book will help you create your own magic in the kitchen.

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To order this cookbook simple send us an email with your name and number and we will call you back to get your order, or you can call us 888-875-3119. Contact Cooking Together at:roseandrose@comcast.net

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