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About Our Cookbooks

Writing these cookbooks was a labor of love taking over 8 years and the support of some very special people to whom we offer our heartfelt gratitude.

To Zhang Yudu, our good friend from China, who helped us to understand and appreciate the Chinese culture.

To our cooking class students for their enthusiastic interest in the art of cooking.

To Jim and Millie Bandy, who helped us get started and grow our passion for cooking. A Special thanks to Jim for his help and input in developing the cooking classes.

To Steve and Sandy, Floyd and Mary, Marsha, Father John and all of the gang who have been our loyal taste testers over the years.

To the many people not mentioned here, you know who you are and we appreciate your continued support.

Lastly to our parents, Viola and Bill, Norm and Donna, and Son Brock, daughter-in-law Rose, and granddaughter Amanda who we dedicate these cookbooks too in the hopes she will share her grandparents love of cooking with them and her family for years to come.

We Love you all!

Tom and Joyce


Quick And Easy Chinese Style